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Does Staffmark hire felons?

Felons often find it difficult to get a job after their release. Employers are understandably reluctant to hire felons as it can get tricky for them. In such situations, staffing agencies can be an alternate way to find a job.  Staffmark is one the leading staffing agencies in the U.S. But do they hire felons? […]

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Can a Felon Become a Mortician?

Felons often face a difficult time finding employment after being released from prison. This is because most employers run background checks as a part of the hiring process that shows if a person has a criminal record. However, the chance of a felon getting a job largely depends on the type and the nature of

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Does Randstad Hire Felons?

Felons find it difficult to find a decent well-paying job after they have served their jail term. Their criminal record always stands in their way of getting a job. Strict background checks make it almost impossible to get into big firms and in such a situation, temp jobs can be an alternative. Temp agencies are

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