Does Knight Transportation Hire Felons?

Trucking companies are known to be felon friendly willing to give employment to felons. Every company has different criteria regarding the hiring of felons.

The average salary of truck drivers is around $40,000 annually and experienced drivers earn even more. Knight Transportation is one of the largest trucking company in the United States. Do they hire someone with a felony record? Let’s find the answer.

Does Knight Transportation hire felons?

Short Answer: Yes! Knight Transportation does hire felons on a case-by-case basis. This Phoenix-based trucking company will hire non-violent felons if the convictions are 7 or more years old. Entry-level drivers earn around $40,000 – $50,000.

Having a criminal record or a felony conviction is not an instant disqualifier. However, this doesn’t mean they will hire all felons. You still have to pass the criminal background check to get hired.

Certain factors are considered before making a hiring decision – the nature & seriousness of the offense, time elapsed since the last felony, relevancy of the offense, etc will all play a crucial role in the hiring.

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Nature of the Offense – Serious felonies involving violence or theft are not likely to be hired.

Time since the last felony – Knight Transportation doesn’t hire felons whose convictions were as recent as five years ago. Felons with conviction older than 7 years have a better chance at being employed.

Relevancy of the offense – If your felony is not driving related and does not involve a motor vehicle in any way, you have a better chance at getting hired as the offense is not relevant to the truck driver job position.

Does Knight Transportation Hire Misdemeanors?

Yes, Knight Transportation does hire people with misdemeanors. But it is also on a case-by-case basis where the nature and relevancy of the offense will be considered.

Does Knight Transportation do Background Checks?

Yes, Knight Transportation does conduct pre-employment background checks on potential employees.

A pre-employment background check often includes details like a person’s criminal records, educational history, employment history, credit report, driving records, etc. What details will be included in the background check will depend on the type of check being conducted as well as the local state and federal laws.

So it becomes essential that felons should be honest on the application regarding their past. If you don’t disclose your convictions on the application but later it shows up in the background check, most likely the employer will disqualify you or even take back the job offer.

When asked to explain your record, take ownership and focus on the positive steps you have taken to turn your life around since your release. Let the interviewer know if you have been part of any volunteer group or a social cause, enrolled for an educational course, developed any work related skill, etc.

It is important to be aware of your local county and state laws. Some states don’t allow convictions older than 7 years to be included in the criminal background check whereas some states don’t have any such limits.

Most non-violent and less serious offenses can be expunged after a certain period of time depending on the state laws. Expunged records don’t show up on background checks which can improve the odds of getting a job. You should explore if this is an option for you.

About Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation is the fifth largest trucking company in the United States and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. To apply for truck driving jobs, you need to fill the online application form on their company website.

Final Thoughts

Truck driving jobs is one of the go to jobs for felons as most trucking companies hire felons if the convictions are older (typically more than 7 years) and not driving related.

You should apply to as many truck driving jobs as possible since having a felony on your record isn’t an instant disqualification. Most trucking companies review felonies on a case-by-case basis and have different criteria regarding hiring of felons.