Does Prologistix Hire Felons?

Felons who are trying to make a new beginning after their release know how important it is to have a stable job.

A stable job enables a person to pay bills and to take financial decisions like buying a house or a car. However, a felony record makes it difficult to get a permanent job in a big firm. In such situations, temp jobs can be an alternative.

Temp jobs are temporary jobs that last for a duration of a few weeks. Such jobs are provided by staffing agencies called temp agencies.

Temp agencies conduct interviews and take care of all the necessary steps in the hiring process. Since the jobs are temporary, the hiring process is relatively less strict compared to the process are large organizations.

After the work duration is completed, the agency will find another temporary job that matches your skillset.

Every year, Staffing agencies provide employment to thousands of people across the U.S. Prologistix is one such temp agency but do they hire felons?

Does Prologistix Hire Felons?

There is no clear company policy regarding the hiring of felons. As per our research, there have been cases where felons were hired by the company. So this totally depends on the nature of your felony and the time duration since the felony was committed.

In most cases, people with non-violent felony records older than 8 to 10 years have a better chance of getting hired.

Does Prologistix do background checks?

Yes. Prologistix evaluates applicants based on attributes specific to the logistics industry and also does skill assessments. Applicants are also subject to drug screening and background checks.

Background checks are done usually in criminal records but can also include educational history, employment history, driving records, and credit reports depending on the job role.

Background checks usually take 3-4 days but can also take up to a few weeks depending on the role you have applied for.

It is advisable to disclose any criminal records during the hiring process. If any undisclosed records are found during background check then it might be a valid reason to disqualify your application.

Disclosing your records upfront could also give you an opportunity to explain your case and convince your recruiter to look past your records.

In some states, you can get your records expunged or sealed after a period of 8 to 10 years depending on the nature of your offense. Expunged records do not show up in background checks and can boost your chances of securing employment.

There are certain job roles where you have to disclose expunged records as well but such jobs are rare.

About Prologistix

Prologistix is one of the leading Logistics staffing companies that specialize in warehouse and logistics jobs in the U.S.

Depending upon your skills and experience, you can work in any of the following job roles – Forklift Operators, Material Handlers, Warehouse Clerks, Warehouse Leads, Supervisors, etc.

Benefits of applying with a temp agency

  • Temp agencies have multiple employers registered with them. So applying with a temp agency gives you access to all the jobs available with them.
  • There is a good chance that the company will hire you for a permanent position if they are happy with your job performance.
  • Some companies exclusively hire through temp agencies. You will not find those opportunities at any other job portals or newspapers.


Although jobs provided by temp agencies are temporary in nature, they can be a good option if you are not able to find a permanent job. Such a job can support you if you want to complete your education or learn a new skill.