Does Trugreen Hire Felons?

Finding a job can be hard, more so when you’re someone that has a felony on your record. While some employers are felon friendly and believe in giving felons a second chance, some employers prefer to mostly hire people with clean records.

Having a felony record doesn’t mean that companies will disqualify you automatically. It depends on the nature of the felony, job position and many other factors.

If you are someone that prefer working outdoors, you can consider working in a Lawn care company.

Trugreen is a Lawn care Maintenance company but do they hire felons? We will answer the following questions below

Does Trugreen Hire Felons?
Does Trugreen hire people with misdemeanors?
Does trugreen do background checks?
Which are some entry-level jobs available?

Does Trugreen Hire Felons?

During our research process we found that Trugreen doesn’t usually hire felons. However, few online reports suggest that they do hire people with misdemeanor. But this is on a case-by-case basis and depends on multiple factors like –

Nature of the offense – Generally people with certain felonies that involve violence, theft, or sexual offense are mostly denied employment.

Time since the conviction – The odds of getting a job is higher if the conviction is more than 7 to 10 years old, followed by a clean record.

Frequency of the offense – Whether someone is a one time or a repeat offender will also have a huge role to play.

Relevancy to the position for which the candidate is being considered – For example, having a driving offense can be a big roadblock for someone applying for a driving job but it may not be a problem for some other job role.

Having a criminal record will not automatically disqualify you. It is important to be honest about the past and disclose any convictions.

If a conviction is not disclosed but shows up later in a background check, it will certainly ruin the possibility of getting hired.

Does Trugreen hire misdemeanors?

Based on our research, Trugreen does hire people with misdemeanors. While they may not hire applicants with felonies on their record, they do consider applicants with misdemeanor on case-by-case basis.

Does Trugreen do background checks?

Trugreen does conduct (or have a third party conduct) a background check in the hiring process for all its associates and job applicants as part of the hiring process.

Applicants have to consent to a background check and should disclose any felony or misdemeanor conviction if asked in the application form.

A background check usually consist of a person’s criminal history, educational history, employment records, credit history, Personal/Professional reference checks, driving records, etc.

It is important to be honest and let the hiring manager know that you have a felony or misdemeanor on your record. If it is later found out in the background check that you have a criminal record it will most likely lead to disqualification.

Revealing the past also helps you to explain your case and the circumstances of the crime.

Depending on the type of felony some felons also have the option to get their records expunged. Expunged records do not show up in background checks.

Getting records expunged allows felons to state on job applications that they don’t have a criminal record.

How long does Trugreen background check take?
It typically takes up to 2 weeks to a month for the background check to come back. Background check is conducted after the interview.

How far back does the background check go?
Depending on the state, background checks can go back 5 to 10 years.

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