Does Petsmart hire Felons?

If you are someone who loves working with pets. If you see yourself as a person who can enjoy working around dogs and cats then Petsmart can be your next workplace. But do they hire felons? 

Does Petsmart hire felons?

Yes, Petsmart does hire felons as long as they meet the job requirements. Hiring decisions can depend on factors like the seriousness of the crime, time duration since the offense, and the nature of the role applied for. 

In one of their job description, Petsmart mentions that

“We will consider for employment, qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records in a manner consistent with the law” 

Petsmart does not ask for information about your criminal history in their initial application process so that every employee gets a fair chance irrespective of their background. However, you may be asked about it at a later stage. 

Does Petsmart run background checks?

Petsmart runs background checks as a part of its hiring process. A background check can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete and hiring is confirmed after that.

You may receive a conditional offer if you are selected for the role and you will be asked to provide consent for a background check. 

Background checks typically include identity verification, eligibility to work in the U.S, your educational and previous employment records, and credit reports.

Which of this information will be used by the employer depends on the role and the location. 

Petsmart is open to hiring felons as long as their offense does not hamper their ability to perform their duties on the job. There might also be certain hiring criteria for felons that can vary as per the role and the location. So every felon might not get hired. 

You may be called for a discussion if you have a criminal history.

It’s an opportunity to show your side of the story and assure the interviewer that you are a changed individual and you are willing to work hard to improve your life. Being honest and upfront is a good way to create trust with the interviewer.

Does Petsmart run drug tests?

Yes. Petsmart conducts drug tests during the pre-employment process.

How to get hired at Petsmart with a felony?

Petsmart is one of the largest pet retailers in the U.S providing services and solutions for the needs of pets. They have over 1,650 pet stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

Some of the job roles available at Petsmart are 

Customer Service: You’ll be an essential part of creating sincere connections with pet parents. You’ll welcome them (and their pets!) to the store, facilitate an easy check-out process as a cashier and ensure that they found everything they needed.

Pet Care: You’ll ensure the safety of all living pets in the stores—including fish, reptiles, birds, and small animals.

You’ll be their family until they get a family of their own; you’ll help to keep them healthy, clean, and well-fed! You’ll also engage with pet parents to provide them with the best solutions specifically for their pets.

Merchandising & Inventory: You’ll play an integral role in helping our pet parents find exactly what they need, right when they need it. You’ll execute merchandising, stocking, and pricing strategies.

Some interview tips straight from the recruiters at Petsmart

  • When reading through a job posting, make sure that it is not only relevant to your previous work experience and/or education but that it excites you!

  • Keep your resume up-to-date and include work experience that is descriptive but to the point.

  • Consider adding a URL link to your LinkedIn profile and/or an online portfolio of your work (if applicable).

  • Thoroughly review the job description and do your research on PetSmart before your interview.

  • Be prepared to provide specific and thoughtful examples that allow you to go in-depth about your relevant experience and expertise.

  • Be prepared to ask us questions—Interviewing is a mutual selection process and we want you to be just as excited about us as we are about you.

  • Be ready to answer the question WHY PETSMART? We’re looking for passionate associates who really want to join our PetSmart pack!

Final Thoughts

Working at Petsmart will be exciting for those who enjoy working with pets. Not everyone will be comfortable with such an environment. Petsmart is a felon-friendly employer and has hired felons in the past. If there are job vacancies and you are a pet lover then it’s definitely worth trying.