Does Menards hire Felons?

If you are skilled in the home improvement field, there can be a suitable job opportunity at Menards. But do they hire felons?

Does Menards hire Felons?

Yes. Menards hires felons if they have the required skills for the job. Menards is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not disqualify any applicant for having a criminal record.

Menards does not ask any questions related to criminal history in their job application form. So they don’t reject any applicant just for having a criminal record. Instead, they believe in evaluating the applicant’s history as well as the skills and see what the overall picture looks like.

The decision is made on a case-by-case basis depending on the applicant’s offense and his/her ability to perform the job.

Hiring managers often consider the following factors while recruiting people with criminal records

Nature of the offense – Felons convicted for serious and violent crimes often have a hard time getting hired. This is because employers do not want to risk the safety and well-being of other employees and customers.

Felons with minor offenses on their records might get hired for certain roles. Felons involved in crimes that show mistrust and dishonesty like trespassing and shoplifting may also not be preferred by hiring managers.

Time duration since the conviction – Records older than 8-10 years should not have much of an impact on the hiring process. Most companies check records up to 7 years old but not all of them.

Felons who have maintained a clean record since their release have a better chance.

Nature of the role – If the offense is related to the role for which the felon has applied and can hamper his/her abilities to perform the duties then such applicants may get rejected.

Does Menards run background checks?

Yes. Menards runs background checks on all potential employees. Background checks happen after the interview process is completed and it often takes a few weeks for the reports to come.

They might provide you a conditional offer and ask you to start working. However, the offer can be retracted if the information provided by you does not match with the background check reports.

Menards does not ask for any information about criminal history in their job application. They might ask it at a later part of the hiring process. If asked during an interview, the best practice is to come clean about your records.

If you hide your records, there is a possibility that they will come out during background checks. Even if it doesn’t, there will be a constant fear of the employer finding out.

Being honest gives you a chance to explain the circumstances and highlight how you have changed your life and worked hard to lead a better life. The interviewer may look past your records and appreciate your honesty.

Does Menards run Drug tests?

Yes. Menards asks applicants to visit a designated medical center for a urine test.

How to get hired at Menards with a felony?

Menards home improvement stores are located throughout the Midwest in a 15-state region. It provides equipment and tools for everyone from the novice do-it-yourselfers to the experienced contractor.

As a family-owned and operated business, Menards is the place for all home improvement needs.

Some of the job roles available at Menards are cashier, commercial/contractor sales, manager trainee, human resources, shipping/receiving, and stocking. Menards provides necessary training to its employees for the role.

They provide benefits like Medical, Life & Disability Insurance & Dental Plan, Weekend Bonus Pay, Paid Vacations, Store Discount, In-Home Training, and more

To work at Menards, you can start by filling up an application form online or visit the nearest store and talk to the manager if there are any open positions. Do carry an updated resume if you visit the store. We recommend going in off-peak hours so that the manager is not busy and you don’t have to wait.

The interview process is usually one or two rounds of personal interviews depending on the role and questions are basic. The entire process can take up to 2 weeks but the background check can take more time.

Final Thoughts

Although much has been done in recent times to provide fair opportunities to felons, not many companies hire felons. So, as a felon, it is important that you apply for as many jobs as possible and attend the interviews.

Even if you don’t get hired, it will improve your interview skills and make you more confident in attending the next one. It is not an impossible task if you do not give up.