Does Panera Bread Hire Felons

After getting out of prison, felons often find it difficult to find a good steady job. While some employers are felon friendly and believe in giving felons a second chance, some employers are not so keen on hiring felons.

If you are looking for a felon friendly employer, you can consider applying at Panera Bread. Panera Bread has over 2,000 locations and 50,000+ employees in the United States and Canada.

To run so many stores, the company keeps hiring new people for wide variety of jobs. But as a felon, you might be wondering – will they hire someone with a criminal record?

Let’s see some of the most common questions that felons have-
Does Panera Bread hire felons?
Does Panera Bread hire people with misdemeanors?
Do they run background checks?
What are some Employee benefits at Panera Bread?

Does Panera Bread hire felons?

Yes, Panera Bread does hire felons. During our research and according to various sources online, we found that Panera Bread has hired former felons in the past for various positions.

However, they don’t have any special programs for hiring felons. You have to apply just like any other job applicant. Each application is considered on case by case basis.

But the chances of a felon being hired depends on many factors like the severity of the offense, time since the felony was committed, whether you are a one time or repeat offender, job skills, etc.  

Also, they are not on the Ban the Box List. They do ask about felony convictions on their job applications.

Be honest while filling this application form as any information found to be not true during the background check will mostly ruin your chances of getting hired.

Does Panera Bread hire people with misdemeanors?

Yes, Panera Bread does hire people with misdemeanors. In fact, their application asks only for felony records. This also gives you a chance to explain your case to the hiring manager during the interview.

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Does Panera Bread do Background Checks?

Yes, Panera Bread does run Background Check on job applicants. Type of background checks also depend on the job position and also on local laws as well as state laws.

Generally, background checks contain records like employment history, driving records, credit report, criminal records, educational records.

If you have any felony record, it might show up in your background check. However, some states by law only look at felony convictions less than 7 years old.

Some states only look at the cases where the verdict was guilty. They won’t consider the court cases in which you were found not guilty.

But some states will look into all of your felony records. This will even include your not guilty verdicts.

Types of entry-level Jobs

Some of the entry-level jobs at Panera Bread are Baker, Overnight Baker, Sanitation Operator, Delivery Driver, Customer Service.

Felonies that might have harder time getting hired

Depending on the type of job requirements certain felonies could have a hard time getting hired.

If you are applying for a driving job, then any driving offence or DUI might make it difficult for you to get hired.

If the job requires you to handle cash or facing customers, then people with felonies that include theft or violence will also have a harder time getting hired at Panera Bread.

One time offenders often have a higher chance of getting hired compared to repeat offenders.

How to Apply for Jobs at Panera Bread?

You can apply directly at the nearest Panera Bread store or online by filling up the job application form on Panera’s website.

Apply for the job that interests you and is suitable to your skills and previous work experience.

Please remember to be honest in the application. List all the skills you have acquired in previous jobs or any volunteer work.

Employee Benefits at Panera Bread

Insurance – Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance options

401 (K) with company match

Paid vacation and Holidays

Discount on Food/Meals