Does Golden Corral hire felons – Felon Friendly Jobs

Finding a job can be a challenging task for a felon but if you are someone with experience in the food industry then Golden Corral can be a place to look for a job.

Based on our research and information gathered from various sources, it appears that Golden Corral has provided jobs to felons in the past.

Although they don’t have any special programs for felons, they don’t have any company policy against hiring felons.

Again, this depends on various other factors like the seriousness of the crime and the period since your felony conviction.

Golden Corral runs both company-owned and franchisee-managed restaurants and rules can differ from place to place. Franchisees are locally owned which might make managers more open to giving you an opportunity.

What skills do I need to work at Golden Corral?

Most common job title at Golden Corral is of a “Team member”. The roles could include anything like a cook, server, meat handler, attendant or cashier. The most important quality to have while trying for a job in the food industry is hygiene.

So, try to appear hygienic preferably with short hair and trimmed nails. Also, a smiling face and pleasant personality will go a long way in securing a job that involves facing the customer. Tons of patience is required while dealing with customers especially in restaurants.

People get agitated very quickly when they are hungry and you need to be calm to handle those situations.

If you get a role working in the kitchen, you will be spending most of your time standing and will be extremely busy. So be prepared for such demanding jobs.


Food and Catering

Ban The Box

Not a part of Ban-The-Box campaign

Training Program

No special training programs for felons

Probability of finding a job


Does Golden Corral do a background check?

Golden Corral is not a part of the Ban the Box campaign and they do ask for felony related details in the application form.

They also discuss about the details of the offense in their interviews so we assume that they run background checks to verify the information provided by you.

As per the rule, any organization needs to get consent from the candidate before running background checks so they might ask you to sign a form for that.

It is advisable not to refuse for the background check as it will make you look suspicious and the employer might reject your application.

Additionally, background checks also include the following

  • Educational records
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Criminal offences
  • Employment history

What factors play an important role in getting a job at Golden Corral?

Some of the factors that influence the hiring decisions are as follows:

Type of offense – The chance of getting hired is greater if the felony charge is minor and not something like murder or robbery.

Time duration since the offence – Usually people who committed a felony offence 5-10 years ago are considered safer to hire as the chances of them committing the felony again is same as of any other person.

One-time offenders – One-time offenders have a greater chance of getting hired compared to repeated offenders.

What is the Interview process at Golden Corral?

The interview process begins with an online application form on their job portal. It will ask for some details about your education, past employment history, past salaries, whether you have necessary permissions to take an employment in the US. There will also be some questions related to your felony offence.

If shortlisted, you will be called for an in-person interview. The background check happens after this stage. Try to be as honest as possible for all the questions and be prepared to answer a few about your felony records.

Remember that you can convince the interviewer to look beyond the record and see the hardworking and dedicated person that you are. Talk more about passion and ambitions and always keep the positivity level high. Make sure you don’t use any jail slangs or gestures.

Keep the following things in mind while appearing for the interview.

  • Reach the venue at least 10-15 mins before the scheduled time. It’s a good opportunity to shows your enthusiasm and your willingness to put extra effort.
  • Dress up neatly and keep good personal hygiene as you will be working in the food industry and these qualities are a must.
  • Keep a resume with personal and contact details handy.
  • Be optimistic and let the confidence show in your body language. Be polite and patient while answering questions.
  • Try to be honest and respectful towards the interviewers.
  • Don’t put too many conditions be ready to work in shifts.

Find job openings

You can find job opening at Golden Corral by visiting their job portal given below.