Does Marriott hire Felons?

The tourism and hospitality industry is a fast-growing industry. Many companies working in this industry like hotels and restaurants usually have entry-level jobs that don’t require any advanced college degrees or extensive experience.

If you have some experience working in hospitality then you can consider working at Marriott International. But do they hire felons?

Does Marriott hire Felons?

Yes. Marriott hires felons but it depends on the type of felony the person was convicted of and the time duration for which he/she has been clean since the release. 

Marriott International is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It means they do not discriminate among applicants on the basis of caste, creed, color, race, or any other basis covered by the law. We expect the same courtesy to be extended to felons as well.

Marriott International does not ask any questions related to criminal history in their initial applications. So will get shortlisted if you have the desired skills irrespective of your criminal history.

Although they might ask about it at a later stage and select you only if your records are acceptable as per their hiring criteria but, they will evaluate you first on the basis of merit.

Hiring felons is a tricky situation for employers in the hospitality business. Their business relies very much on their image and goodwill. Customers need the best experience they can get for the money they spend.

Any undesired incident like theft or assault on another employee or customer can spoil the reputation of the company. Potentially every single employee is capable of spoiling the reputation of the company. So employers are very cautious while hiring.

Although they are ready to give opportunities to felons, they will evaluate if the person was involved in any incidents like theft, shoplifting, carjacking, or trespassing that display dishonest behavior.

People who have such offenses on their records might find it difficult to get hired.

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Does Mariott run background checks?

Marriott International conducts background checks as a part of its hiring process. Typically background checks include identity verification, criminal history, credit reports, driving records, educational records, and previous employment records.

All or some of these parameters will be checked depending on the role for which you are being considered. Like for example, a person benign hired for any role that doesn’t require driving will probably not have his driving records checked.

By law, the employer is required to get consent from the applicant before performing the background check. Refusing to provide consent can be considered as reasonable cause to deny employment.

It is important that you be honest on the application form as much as possible. Any information that you try to hide will most likely come out during background checks and it can disqualify your application.

If asked about criminal charges during the interview, be honest and upfront and explain the circumstances. Also, assure them that you have taken the necessary actions to make sure you don’t get into trouble again.

Highlight any work experience or skill you have acquired after being released. This shows that you are willing to work hard to create positive changes in your life.

Does Marriott conduct drug tests?

Yes. Marriott International conducts drug tests. In fact, they ask for consent to conduct drug tests in their initial application form itself. They have mentioned that applicants who refuse to be tested or have a confirmed positive drug test will not be hired and will be ineligible to re-apply for a period of six months.

How to get hired at Marriott with a felony on record?

Marriott is a leading hotel chain that has 30 brands and 7,000+ properties across 131 countries and territories. 

If you wish to work at Marriott International, you can start by visiting their jobs portal. You can find open job vacancies filtered by your skill and location and apply online. You have to fill in your personal details, educational and previous employment record, and also take an eligibility test that they call “Job Qualification Questions”.

The test includes various scenarios like “If a guest forgot a bag in the room” and you have to select the appropriate answer on the basis of how you will handle that situation. There are 8 questions in the eligibility test and you can complete them within 3 days of filling the application.

Once your application is selected, you will be called for a personal interview. Interview questions are based on your previous experience and your skills.

Be professional, show up to your interview on time, dress business casual. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality industry is generally open to providing second chances and they also pay well. If your records are not serious or violent and you have past experience working in the industry, there is a good chance that you will get hired at Marriott International.