Does Acme hire Felons?

The food and services industry often has a lot of open job vacancies for entry-level positions. These roles don’t require advanced college degrees or a lot of experience. This can be a good opportunity for felons to make a new start.

If you are interested in working in the food services industry then Acme Markets might have a job role that can match your skills. But do they hire felons?

Does Acme hire Felons?

Yes. Acme Markets hires felons for certain roles. It depends on factors like the seriousness of the offense and the nature of the role. Each applicant is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Acme Markets does not have an official policy or criteria for hiring felons. So, it is not clear what records can be overlooked by recruiters. However, Acme Markets is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

It means that they will evaluate the applicant on the basis of merit and skills before factoring in the criminal records. So we can be certain that there will be no bias against felons and no applicant will be disqualified just for having a record. 

Acme Markets is not a part of the Ban-The-Box campaign or the Fair Chance Business Pledge. Companies supporting these initiatives do not ask questions regarding criminal history in their application forms.

However, it is not necessary for a company to be a part of these initiatives to hire felons. We already know that Acme Markets does not ask any questions related to criminal records in their application form.

We have observed that hiring managers usually consider these factors while hiring felons

Nature of the offense – Felons convicted of violent and serious offenses might not be preferred by the hiring managers. Also, felons involved in crimes that show dishonest behavior like trespassing and shoplifting might not be considered for certain roles.

Time duration since the conviction – Felons having records older than 7-8 years have a better chance in the hiring process. If the felon has maintained a clean record since the release then it can improve their odds of getting the job.

Does Acme run background checks?

Acme Markets runs background checks while hiring new employees. Background checks are done after the interview process is over.

The applicant will receive a conditional job offer and may be asked to start working even before the background check reports are back.

However, if there are major discrepancies in the information provided on the application form and the background check reports then the job offer will be retracted and the employment will be terminated.

Background checks usually include identity verification, criminal records, credit reports, educational records, previous employment records, and driving records if the job role involves driving.

The period for which this information is collected may vary across states and companies. Most companies check data for the past 7 years but some might also go beyond this period.

Also, depending on the state in which you are applying for the job, non-guilty verdicts and arrest records may also get added to the reports.

You can run a background check on yourself to know exactly what information will show up in your reports and how much information you need to disclose.

In some states, minor non-violent records can also be sealed or expunged from your record after a period of 8-10 years or less depending on the state. You can consult a lawyer to know if your records can be expunged. Records that are expunged do not show up on background checks and improve your chances of getting hired.

Does Acme conduct drug tests?

Acme Markets conducts drug tests but not at all locations. It also depends on the role you have applied for.

How to get hired at Acme with a felony record?

Acme Markets is a part of Albertsons Companies Group and is one of the largest retail grocery and food chains.

ACME Markets has grown and expanded to operate 164 stores throughout its native Pennsylvania, as well as serving shoppers in nearby New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland. To date, they employ over 15,000 associates.

Acme Markets accepts job applications through their online job portal. They have multiple job openings in stores, pharmacies, warehouses, and truck driving jobs. Once shortlisted, you will be called for a personal interview.

Mostly the interview is conducted by the store managers and the questions are based on your previous experiences like “How would you deal with an angry customer?” or “In Your previous job, how did you go out of your way to please a customer?”.

Overall, the interview process is fast and usually gets completed in a week from the interview.