Does Macy’s Hire Felons – Felon Friendly Jobs

If you are a convicted felon and looking for a job to get your life back on track, then Macy’s might be an option.

Compared to other employers, very little information is available regarding the hiring policies at Macy’s, but they do have a history of hiring individuals with minor felony records.

Although the policy may vary store to store, but in general, Macy’s is not against hiring felons. As a company that prides itself to have a workforce of over 10,000 employees from different backgrounds, you have a very good chance of getting hired at Macy’s.

What factors play an important role in getting a job at Macy’s?

Some of the factors that influence the hiring decisions are as follows:

Type of crime – The chance of getting hired is greater if the felony charge is minor and not something like murder or robbery.

Time duration since the crime – Usually people who committed a felony offense 6-7 years ago are considered safer to hire as the chances of them committing the felony again is same as of any other person.

One-time offenders – One-time offenders have a greater chance of getting hired compared to repeated offenders.

What skills do I need to work at Macy’s?

Most of the entry level jobs at Macy’s are in sales as retail associates. The primary responsibility will be to help customers find products and assisting them in handling the closing transactions.

If you have a previous customer service experience then it will come really handy while applying at Macy’s.

Since it is a customer facing job, having a pleasant and approachable personality is very necessary. Calmness is another good feature to have when applying for a retail store job since customers can be very demanding sometimes and it is necessary that you handle it well.

Macy’s background check

Macy’s is not a part of “Ban the Box” and they have felony related questions in their application forms. They also conduct strict background checks on all potential employees.

All employers are required to take consent from the employee before running background checks.

Macy’s can reject your job application if you refuse to consent for a background check. A lot of employers are facing lawsuits for crimes like assaults happening at workplace.

So, it becomes essential for the employer to make sure the work environment is safe for other employees and customers. Conducting background check is one of the ways to ensure that.

Additionally, background checks also include the following

  • Educational records
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Criminal histroy
  • Employment history

Interview at Macy’s

Hiring process at Macy’s starts with filling up online application form. It has some basic questions like your eligibility to work in the US and work history. They also ask you if you have been convicted for any crimes. Macy’s will also request your permission to conduct background checks.

There are also some questions related to the job position you are applying for. These are typically personality questions and should not take more than 35-40 mins to complete.

Following the initial screen process based on your application, you will be asked to come for a personal interview.

Keep the following things in mind while appearing for the interview.

  • Show up at least 10-15 mins before the scheduled time. This shows your enthusiasm and your willingness to put extra effort.
  • Dress up decently as you will be working in a customer-facing job. You attire will reflect on the company’s image.
  • Carry a resume with essential details and contact information.
  • Maintain a good posture and keep eye contact. Try to remain calm and be polite if you are asked about your conviction.
  • Try to be honest and respectful.
  • Be flexible about working hours and shifts.

Find job openings

You can find job opening at Macy’s by visiting their job portal given below.