Does Kohl’s Hire Felons – Felon Friendly Jobs

If you are a felon and looking for a job, then Kohl’s might be an option to consider. Based on our research from various sources we have found that Kohl’s does hire felons.

Although the rules defer from state to state and many factors play a part in the HR or management’s decision. Kohl’s in general has an open mind regarding hiring people with felony records.

What factors play an important role in getting a job at Kohl’s?

Some of the factors that influence the hiring decisions are as follows:

Type of crime – The chance of getting hired is greater if the felony charge is minor and not something like murder or robbery.

Time duration since the crime – Usually people who committed a felony offence 5-10 years ago are considered safer to hire as the chances of them committing the felony again is same as of any other person.

One-time offenders – One-time offenders have a greater chance of getting hired compared to repeated offenders.

What skills do I need to work at Kohl’s?

Kohl’s is a departmental store retail chain which is spread across states in the US. Kohl’s has a lot of full-time and part-time job opportunities throughout the year as well as seasonal jobs during holiday season when stores hire additional employees to meet the demands.

Two of the most common jobs at Kohl’s are stockroom worker and sales associate. Since it’s a customer facing job, it is very important to have good people skills. A smiling face and a pleasant personality can help you a lot.

If you have basic accounting skills you can work at cash registers at the store. As a sales associate, you are required to greet customers and offer assistance in finding and choosing the right products. You will also be responsible for organizing stock.

Basic skills needed to work as stockroom worker are physical strength to load and unload trucks and work in standing position for long hours.

Kohl’s background check

Kohl’s runs a background check on all potential employees. This includes checking for pending charges, felonies and misdemeanours.

Additionally, background checks also include the following

  • Educational records
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Criminal history
  • Employment history

Background check is conducted after the interview. Some states have banned asking felony details in application forms, so the interview will be an opportunity to convince the HR to hire you despite the felony record.

It is always the best practice to come clean about your records and provide reasonable explanation for it. This will also help establish a trust factor with your employer and benefit you in the long run.

In all the states in the US, the employer has to take consent from the employee before conducting background checks. However, Kohl’s can refuse to hire you if you refuse to agree for a background check.

One thing to note is that the employer too has to make sure that the workplace is safe for other people and background check is just to ensure that.

Kohl’s Interview

Hiring at Kohl’s usually starts with filling up the application form. After the initial screening you will be called for a personal interview.

An interview is an opportunity to access how much you values match with those of the company, so it is always better to be yourself.

Encourage your interviewer to look beyond the felony record and see the contribution you can make to the organization.

Highlight any community work that you have been involved in. Talk about your hobbies and interests with passion and enthusiasm.

Keep the following things in mind while appearing for the interview.

  • Dress up decently as you will be working in a customer-facing job. You attire will reflect on the company’s image.
  • Carry a resume with essential details and contact information.
  • Maintain a good posture and keep eye contact. Try to remain calm and be polite if you are asked about your conviction.
  • Try to be honest and respectful.
  • Be flexible about working hours and shifts.

Find job openings

You can find job opening at Kohl’s by visiting their job portal given below. They also post vacancies in their stores.