Does Jewel Osco hire felons?

Felons often find it challenging to find a stable job after their release. Most companies are understandably reluctant to hire felons and others have strict background checks that filter out people with criminal records.

If you have some experience working in grocery stores or if you enjoy interacting with people and helping them out then Jewel Osco can be your next workplace. But do they hire felons?

Does Jewel Osco hire felons?

Yes. Jewel Osco provides opportunities to people with criminal history. Hiring decisions depends on factors like the nature of the offense and the role for which they are applying for.

Jewel Osco or it’s parent company Albertsons LLC do not have an official hiring policy for felons. But they have hired felons in the past for certain roles. They also don’t have any special programs for felons and ex-convicts.

Jewel Osco is not a part of the Ban-The-Box campaign or Fair Chance Business Pledge and they continue to ask criminal record related questions on their job application forms. But that does not mean that they don’t hire felons.

Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of merit and hiring decisions are taken individually.

Usually people with minor non violent and non drug related offenses do not have much trouble getting hired but those who have served time for violent offenses or financial crimes may get turned down.

Also, felons with a record older than 5-6 years have a much better chance of getting the job.

Does Jewel Osco run background checks?

Jewel Osco runs background checks on all potential hires. Background check reports typically include criminal records, educational records and driving records. 

It is advisable to be as honest as possible about your criminal history if asked in the interview. Generally, interviewers are open to hearing your side of the story.

Being upfront about your records gives you a chance to explain the circumstances and assure that you have learnt from the mistakes and made necessary amends to improve your life.

Depending on the state in which you have applied for the job, the results of the background check can vary. Usually background checks are conducted by third part companies that operate within the framework provided by the state laws.

Some states require background checks to include non guilty verdicts as well while most other states just include guilty convictions. Background checks can go back as far as 7 years in most states but some states require background checks to include all the available records.

So it is uncertain what information will show up in your background check report.

Being honest during the interview process saves you from getting rejected at a later stage due to a discrepancy between the information provided in the application form and the background check report.

Does Jewel Osco run drug tests?

Jewel Osco conducts drug tests as a part of their hiring process. Most people have reported that mouth swab is taken to test for drugs.

How to get hired at Jewel Osco with a felony record?

Jewel-Osco is a grocery store chain that operates 188 stores throughout the Chicagoland area, Indiana and Iowa, part of a 2,200+ store operation employing over 265,000 people nationwide.

Entry level jobs at Jewel Osco include store jobs like checker, store helper and meat cutter, delivery driver, truck driver and warehouse workers. They provide employee benefits like competitive pay and health and wellness benefits.

If you wish to work at Jewel Osco, you can start by visiting their career page. You can search for a job at the location nearest to you and directly apply online. If you clear the initial screening process, you will be called for a personal interview.

There can also be a telephonic interview round depending on the role you have applied for.The question asking section is usually very quick and simple.

Final Thoughts

Although a lot has changed in the recent years with the governments taking initiatives and corporates stepping in to provide second chances to felons, the ground reality is pretty much the same. Felons still have very few real opportunities and they struggle to get a decent job. So, if you are a felon looking for a job, it is necessary to apply to as many jobs as possible.