Does Ingles hire felons?

The U.S. has a large number of grocery stores and supermarket chains that operate throughout the country.

These stores always have entry level jobs that do not require prior experience and sometimes even college degrees. Felons can apply for such jobs if they are not able to get hired at big companies.

Ingles is a regional supermarket chain that has a large presence in southeastern states. If you are looking for an entry level job then Ingles can be your next workplace. But do they hire felons?

Does Ingles hire felons?

The answer is yes. Ingles hires felons for entry level jobs as long as the offense is non violent, non drug related and older than 5-6 years. Hiring policy can vary across locations and felons might not get hired at every location.

Based on the testimony and feedback from ex-employees, we have found that Ingles hires people with criminal records for entry level jobs.

However, there is no organization level policy about hiring felons. Hiring decisions are made on a case by case basis and every felon might not find a job at Ingles.

Hiring managers usually consider the following factors before hiring felons

Nature of the offense – Felons involved in violent or sexual crimes will most likely not get hired. Felons convicted for financial crimes, theft and robbery will also find it difficult to get hired.

Time duration since the offense – Felons with records older than 5 years have a much better chance of getting a job. If you have a clean record since your release, it will be a big plus point.

Does Ingles run background checks?

Yes. Ingles conducts background checks on applicants during the hiring process.

Background check reports usually include criminal records, identity verification, educational records, credit reports and driving records.

Each state has its own regulations regarding background checks. In some states non guilty convictions don’t show up in background checks while in some others, all records show in background check reports.

Also, the time period for which the background check is conducted varies as per state laws. In most states it is 7 years. Arrest record can also get reported in background checks even if the case was dismissed and you were set free.

So it is uncertain how much information will come up in background checks.

In most states, you can get records older than 8 to 10 years expunged from your records. All records cannot be expunged but most non-violent convictions can be expunged.

You can also get arrest records expunged from your records. You can consult a lawyer and check if this is an option for you if you are getting rejected on the basis of background check reports.

Does Ingles conduct drug tests?

Yes. Drug tests are conducted as a part of the hiring process. You will be asked to provide a urine sample at designated testing center after the interview process is done.

Besides, there are also random drug tests and also drug tests for employees if they are involved in an accident at the workplace.

How to get hired at Ingles with a felony record?

Ingles in an American regional supermarket chain that operates more than 200  locations in the south eastern states. Ingles provides employee benefits like weekly pay, flexible work schedule, disability insurance, dental and vision care and paid vacations.

Many felons prefer working at Ingles due to a flexible work schedule that allows them to make time to complete their education or work multiple jobs.

Ingles has multiple openings in retail, distribution, pharmacy and corporate roles. If you wish to apply at Ingles you can visit their career portal and find suitable vacancies.