Does Honeywell hire Felons?

Felons often have a hard time finding a job. Most companies have strict background checks that make it difficult for felons to get in. Let’s find out if Honeywell hires someone with a felony on their record. 

Does Honeywell hire felons?

Yes, Honeywell does hire felons but the chances of getting hired with a criminal record are very low. Most job roles at Honeywell require clean records. 

Honeywell doesn’t have any official policy regarding hiring people with criminal records. They don’t have any special program for felons. We didn’t find any information on felons getting hired in the past.

Honeywell is not a part of the Ban-The-Box campaign or the Fair Chance Business Pledge. However, since Honeywell is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we expect the same courtesy to be extended to felons as well. 

There are a number of factors that can impact your hiring 

The seriousness of the crime – Felons involved in serious and violent crimes will most likely get rejected. Felons who have been arrested for crimes like trespassing, theft, fraud, etc. won’t be hired in most cases.

Time duration since the offense – Criminal records older than 7 – 8 years will have a lower impact on the hiring decision. Felons who have kept a clean record since their release and have relevant work experience will have a better chance of getting hired.

In many states, you can get records older than 8-10 years expunged or sealed. Not all records can be expunged but most non-violent offenses can be. Rules for expungement can vary according to the state in which you are applying for the job.

Records that have been expunged do not show up in background checks and improve your odds of getting the job. You can consult a lawyer to know if your records can be expunged.

Does Honeywell run background checks?

Honeywell runs background checks on all its new hires. A background check can take 3-4 weeks to come back. If you clear the interview then you may receive a conditional offer to join and start working.

However, if the information shown in background checks violates their hiring policy then the job offer can be retracted. 

Typically, background checks include identity verification, eligibility to work in the U.S, your educational and previous employment records, and driving records.

How far back the background check can go depends on the state laws. In most states, background checks go back as far as 7 years. 

It is advisable, to be honest, and upfront about your criminal record if it asked in the interview. Any information you try to hide will most likely show up in the background check report and it can disqualify your application.

Being honest about your record gives you an opportunity to convince the hiring manager to overlook your records if they are minor and hire you for your skills. However, if it comes up later, they might reject the profile straight away.

Does Honeywell conduct drug tests?

Yes. Honeywell conducts a drug test before hiring. Usually, drug tests are conducted using urine samples. They also ask you to sign a consent for a random drug and alcohol test after hiring in case of suspicion.

How to get hired at Honeywell with a felony?

Honeywell primarily manufactures and assembles small electronic equipment like smoke detectors and sensors. They also work in industries like aerospace, construction, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain. 

You can start by visiting their careers page and search for suitable job vacancies near your location that match your skills. You can apply online by filling in some basic information and submitting an updated resume. 

If your profile is shortlisted, there will be a telephonic interview followed by one or more rounds of personal interviews depending on your role. Interview questions are mostly about your skills and situational questions. Formal attire is the preferred dressing style for a personal interview.

Final Thoughts

Honeywell doesn’t have many entry-level jobs that felons can qualify for. So getting hired at Honeywell is though. Many roles are sensitive and require a clean record. If you find a role that you are qualified for then you can apply but chances are low.