Does Ryder hire Felons?

Felons often find it difficult to get a stable job after their release. Many organizations are reluctant to hire felons. But there are some industries like trucking that are more welcoming towards felons and provide second chances to skilled people.

If you have experience working in a trucking company or any other transportation or logistics company then Ryder can be your next employer. But do they hire felons?

Does Ryder Hire Felons?

Yes, Ryder does hire felons who were not convicted for serious and violent crimes, have records older than 7-8 years, and have the required skills for the job. The hiring policy may vary across locations and every felon might not get hired at every location.

Ryder is not a part of the Ban-the-Box campaign or Fair Chance Business Pledge. Organizations that are part of these initiatives do not ask questions related to criminal records on their initial job applications.

Also, Ryder does not have any special programs for felons. However, this does not mean that Ryder does not hire felons. They have provided opportunities to felons in the past.

There are certain factors that can influence the hiring decision of the hiring managers. People involved in violent crimes and repeat offenders are generally not preferred in the hiring process. Organizations consider them a risk to the safety and well-being of other employees.

People with records older than 7-8 years and those who have maintained a clean slate after their release will have a better chance of getting hired.

Does Ryder run background checks?

Yes, Ryder performs background checks before they hire any applicant. Although it is not mentioned anywhere in the company policy, people have reported that criminal records of the past 7 years and employment records of the past 10 years are fetched by Ryder during the background checks.

Some other information that can be a part of background check results is educational records, driving records, and credit reports.

If applying for a driving job, you will most likely undergo Department of Transport (DOT) verification. DOT reports show any accidents or alcohol/drug-related incidents that you have been part of.

It is important to disclose felony convictions if it is asked in the application form and be honest about it. Any information that you try to hide will most likely come out in background checks at a later stage and it will probably disqualify you from the hiring process.

Being upfront about your records provides you an opportunity to put forward your part of the story and assure them that you are a changed person.

Does Ryder conduct drug tests?

Ryder conducts a pre-employment drug test on all applicants. It can be a urine or hair follicle test and it is a mandatory part of the process. Ryder also performs random drug and alcohol tests.

How to get hired at Ryder with a criminal record?

Ryder operates and manages critical fleet, transportation, and supply chain functions for over 50,000 customers, many of which make the products that consumers use every day. They have over 39,000 employees which include 9,500 professional drivers and 6,300 trained technicians working with them. 

They have vacancies for roles such as drivers, technicians, engineers, warehouse managers, IT, logistics, sales, and corporate roles. Ryder provides employees with benefits like Medical/Dental  /Vision insurance, Life insurance, Short- and long-term disability insurance, and also Retirement and Savings plans

If you want to work as a driver with Ryder, you can start by filling up an online application on their driver portal. You can find opportunities near your location and apply online. You have to fill in details about your identity, contact details, educational details, and driving experience-related information along with an updated resume.

To work for a non-driving role you can visit their careers page and select the appropriate job role and fill in the application form and an updated resume. 

Interviews at Ryder are quick and fast but the entire hiring process can take up to 2-3 weeks. They generally ask questions about yourself and why you want to work for Ryder. Some skill-related and situational questions can also be asked.