Does Jimmy John’s hire Felons?

The food industry has numerous entry-level jobs that do not have strict hiring criteria and felons can easily get hired.

If you are someone with experience working in the food or hospitality industry or if you enjoy working with customers then Jimmy John’s can be your next employer. But what are the odds of getting hired with a felony?

Does Jimmy John’s hire felons?

Jimmy John’s hires felons but the chances of getting hired with a felony are very low. It depends on your record and also on the store owner/manager. 

Jimmy John’s doesn’t have an official policy regarding hiring people with criminal records. Most of Jimmy John’s outlets are franchise owned. The store owner takes care of hiring decisions. 

Jimmy John’s job portal states that

“Each Jimmy John’s is independently owned and operated under a franchise agreement with Jimmy John’s Franchisor SPV, LLC, franchisor of the JIMMY JOHN’S system. Any questions regarding employment must be directed to the franchise owner/operator. Jimmy John’s Franchisor SPV, LLC does not have access to franchisees’ employment records or specific rules for employment as defined by the franchisees.”

So it all depends on the store owner and also the local laws of the state in which you are applying. Hiring decisions can be influenced by factors like

The seriousness of the offense – Felons convicted for serious and violent offenses will most likely get turned down and store owners don’t want to risk the safety and well-being of other employees and customers.

Time duration since the offense – Felons with records older than 7-8 years and who have maintained a clean record since their release have a better chance of getting hired.

Also, felons with some experience working in the food industry will be better candidates.

Does Jimmy John’s run background checks?

Yes. Jimmy John’s runs background checks as a part of their hiring process in most locations. Depending on the state in which you are applying, hiring rules can be different.

Background checks usually include identity verification, criminal history, education, and previous employment records. If you are applying for a driving job then DMV records are also checked. 

Hiring felons can be tricky for employers. Not conducting background checks can be considered negligence as the employer is responsible for the safety of other employees.

On the other hand, rejecting an applicant on the basis of their records can be considered discrimination.

Since most outlets are franchise-owned, it will be a good idea to explain your felony situation to the store owner or manager while you approach them for a job.

You can emphasize how you have improved your life after your release and highlight steps you have taken to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again. This gives you a better chance of getting hired.

Does Jimmy John’s conduct drug tests?

Jimmy John’s does not conduct drug tests but hiring policies change regularly so it is better to be prepared.

How to get hired at Jimmy John’s with a felony?

Jimmy John’s is a popular sandwich outlet chain that has around 3,000 locations across the U.S. They also deliver sandwiches ordered online. 

There are 2 ways you can start working at Jimmy John’s.

You can visit their job portal and view all open positions across locations. You can get the contact details of the store owner and connect with them for further process. 

You can also walk into a store nearby during off-peak hours and talk to the store manager directly. Carry an updated resume that highlights your previous work experiences in the food industry.

You can be upfront about your criminal records and assure them that you will work hard on the job and not land into any trouble. Most people appreciate honesty and this can make a difference.

Final Thoughts

As per the feedback from ex-employees, the chances of getting hired with a felony are very low. However, since the outlets are owned by local businessmen, they might be more considerate in giving second chances to local people.

As a felon, opportunities are limited. So if there is an open vacancy that matches your skill, no harm in giving it a try.