Does HEB hire felons?

If you are a felon who has prior experience working in retail stores or if you enjoy working with people and have good crowd-handling skills then HEB can be your next workplace. But do they hire felons? Let’s find out.

Does HEB hire felons?

Yes. HEB has hired felons in the past and they do not automatically disqualify applicants due to felony record. The existence of certain criminal misconduct depending on the nature of the job can result in disqualification.

However, this does not mean that every felon will get hired at HEB. Factors like the nature of the offense and the time duration since the conviction are major factors in the hiring decision.

Felons who have been convicted for violent crimes like assault or theft or sexual offenses will find it difficult to get hired for certain roles.

Does HEB hire people with misdemeanors?

You have a better chance of getting hired with a misdemeanor than with a felony. Just be honest while filling the application form and discuss with the hiring manager.

Does HEB run background checks?

HEB conducts thorough background checks on all its potential employees. How far back the background check can go depends on the state you are applying in.

For example, in the state of Texas, background checks for employment can go as far as 7 years. 

Background checks usually take 2 days to 2 weeks to complete depending on the state in which you are applying for the job.

HEB is not a part of the Ban-the-Box campaign so they might ask information related to your criminal records in the initial application process. However, they claim that no applicant will be rejected solely on the basis of criminal records.

So it is better to be as honest as possible on the job application as it will give you an opportunity to discuss you case with the hiring managers and assure them that you are a changed individual who is willing to work hard for a better life.

Does HEB conduct drug tests?

No. HEB does not conduct drug tests for more job roles. However, for certain roles and certain locations, they might decide to do so.

Getting hired at HEB

H-E-B is a multi-city grocery store chain that sells groceries, bakery, floral, seafood and meat. They also have drug stores and food/deli service. They also have a store brand called H-E-B Plus which sells electronics and lifestyle goods. 

HEB provides employees with many benefits like health plans for employees and their families, discount cards, partner stock options and other perks. 

You can apply for a job at HEB through their career portal or through Indeed. If your application is shortlisted, there will be multiple rounds of interviews in groups as well as one-to-one. Some rounds can be telephonic as well.

If applying for a warehouse position, you are also given a physical test that requires you to be fit and lift certain amounts of weight for long periods.

HEB provides necessary training when hiring for roles that require handling of machinery like forklifts.

HEB has multiple openings across job roles at stores, manufacturing and transportation, pharmacy, digital and corporate jobs. They also have hourly jobs.

Some entry level jobs at HEB are

  • Checker – Handle customer checkout
  • Overnight Stocker –  Stock shelves and keep them organized
  • Bakery roles – Help the customer choose perfect cakes
  • Beauty – Help customers select beauty products.
  • Administrative support – Work behind the scenes managing people and inventory to keep the place running
  • Sanitation – Help keep the stores clean and sanitized.

Some pointers that will help you ace the interview at HEB

  • Research about company background. Understand their values and see how you can relate yourself with the company culture.
  • Prepare questions related to day-to-day activities of the role you are applying for.
  • Be ready to speak about your past job experiences.
  • Dress in business casuals if you are not sure what to wear
  • Be confident and talk politely. Answer each question in a positive manner. If you are asked about your criminal records, be calm and explain your case.