Does Family Dollar hire Felons?

One of the biggest challenges felons face after serving jail time is finding a well-paying job. However, there are many organizations that are felon friendly and are ready to hire people irrespective of their backgrounds.

They do have certain criteria to ensure that they hire the right people, but in general, they believe in equal opportunities.

If you are someone who has experience working in the retail business, Family Dollar can be an option to consider.

Retail stores have numerous opportunities that do not require fancy college degrees or extensive work experience but anyone with a basic aptitude and willingness to work hard can easily get hired.

Does Family Dollar hire Felons?

Family Dollar does not have any policy that bans the hiring of felons. It means that they are open to hiring felons if they qualify for the role and meet the required criteria. Family Dollar has hired felons in the past.

Family Dollar supports the Ban-the-Box campaign and they do not ask for any information related to your criminal history in the initial application process.

However, you will be asked about it at later stages and it is advisable, to be honest about your criminal background and be open to discussing it in case it comes up during an interview. 

As a person with a criminal record, chances of getting hired at Family Dollar depends on several factors like

  1. Time duration since the felony –  if your felony records are older than 8-10 years and you have maintained a clean record since your release then you have a much higher chance of getting hired
  2. Nature of the offense – people involved in violent offenses like theft, burglary, assault, or sexual offenses might find it difficult to get hired
  3. Nature of the role – felons might not get considered for roles that are sensitive and involves handling cash or managing inventory but they certainly have a better chance of getting hired for other roles

Does Family Dollar hire people with a misdemeanor?

Since they are open to hiring people with felonies, people with misdemeanor offenses on their records should also find themselves eligible for similar roles.

Does Family Dollar run background checks?

Yes. Family dollar conducts background checks as a part of their hiring process.

A background check usually happens after the interview and typically it includes educational records, credit reports, previous employment records, and criminal history.

Make sure that all the information that you provide in your application form is correct. If any of the information provided by you does not match with background check results, you can be denied employment. It can also be considered fraud and can result in criminal charges against you.

In some states, background checks fetch records only up to 7 to 10 years old while in some other states they fetch all the available information. So it is uncertain what information will come up in a background check.

Does Family Dollar run drug tests?

We have not found any reports of drug tests being conducted by family dollar however policies and rules keep changing regularly so it is always better to be prepared.

About Family Dollar

Family Dollar is a popular retail chain in the United States and has over 8000 stores across the U.S.  It employs more than 60000 people in stores, logistics, customer support, and corporate office.

What are the job roles for felons available at Family Dollar?

Family Dollar has a lot of entry-level jobs that require minimum educational qualification and work experience Some of the typical job roles are cashier, store manager, customer support representatives, warehouse manager, forklift operators, etc.

Felons can easily qualify for most of these roles and any person with previous work experience in similar roles has a better chance of getting hired.

Some other qualities that are good to have while working in retail stores

  1. Willingness to work in long shifts that can be rotational at times
  2. Good people skills and helpful nature
  3. Be ready to work at a different store if no vacancy is available at your preferred location.
  4. Be organized and tidy in your work.
  5. Ability to handle a tense situation like an angry customer.