Does Burger King hire Felons?

Getting a job is often challenging for felons. Employers are understandably reluctant in hiring felons and this makes job searching difficult for felons.

If you are a felon with experience in the food industry or if you enjoy working in customer facing jobs then Burger King can be your next employer. But do they hire felons? Let’s find out.

Does Burger King hire felons?

Yes. Burger King hires felons at most of their locations. Since Burger King is a franchise business and the outlets are operated by individual owners, felons might not get hired at every location.

Burger King is an Equal Opportunity Employer and makes hiring decisions based on merit.

As per their company policy, they do not discriminate on the basis for race, religion, color, gender or any other divisions in the society. We expect this same courtesy to be extended to felons as well.

Most people have reported that Burger King is an extremely felon friendly employer and usually provides jobs to felons.

However, since the hiring decision is largely in the hands of the owner of the outlet, local laws and other factors can impact the hiring process. Some factors that can play an important part in the hiring decision are

  1. Nature of the offense – Felons who have been convicted for violent crimes like assault or theft or sexual offenses will find it difficult to get a job.
  2. Time duration since the offense – Felony convictions that are older than 8 to 10 years are generally ignored by the hiring managers. If you have a clean record since your release then it will boost your chances of getting hired.
  3. Nature or the role – Felons convicted in financial crimes and theft might not get hired for roles that involve handling cash and inventory management.
  4. Repeat Offenders – Repeat offenders will have a hard time getting hired.

Does Burger King run background checks?

Burger King conducts background checks as a part of their hiring process. Background checks are used by employers to verify the information provided by the applicants in their application form.

Usually background checks include verification of educational and previous employment history, credit reports, driving records and criminal history. 

Best practice is to be honest about your criminal history while filling up a job application form. Any undisclosed information that shows up in background checks can result in your application getting rejected.

On the other hand, mentioning your felony records upfront gives you an opportunity to discuss it with the hiring manager and put forward your side. It also helps you highlight how you have maintained a clean record after your release and worked hard to integrate with the society.

How far the background check can go depends on the state in which you are applying for the job. In some states, background checks fetch details that are up to 7 to 8 years while in some other states they show all the information that exists.

Also, the nature of information revealed in background checks depends on the state laws. You can conduct a background check on yourself to find out exactly what will show up in the results so that you are well prepared to answer the questions.

You can get records older than 8-10 years expunged from your records in some states. It depends on the nature of the offense but non violent offenses generally get expunged in most states.

Expunged records don’t show up in background checks and it can improve your odds of getting hired. You can consult a lawyer to understand the process and find out if your records are eligible for expungement.

Does Burger King conduct drug tests?

Burger King conducts drug tests as a part of their pre-employment process. Additionally, they also conduct drug tests if there is reasonable suspicion or if the employee is returning to duty after a long period.

Alcohol tests are done using breath analyzers and drug tests are done by taking urine samples. Any applicant found positive with prescription drugs will be given an opportunity to present a physician’s prescription.

Benefits of working at Burger King

One of the reasons many felons prefer working at Burger King is due to flexible working hours. Employees can select to work in shifts that suit them and this gives an opportunity to complete education or learn a skill in their non-working hours.

Burger King also provides benefits like health insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance. Occupational accident cover and life insurance is also provided. Paid time off and maternity/paternity leaves, regular health check ups are some other benefits.

Getting hired at Burger King

The hiring process at Burger King starts with an online application on their career portal. You can browse through available jobs vacancies and apply for ones that match your skills.

Each job posting mentions the educational and work requirements and explains the responsibilities for that job role. There might be an assessment test for certain job roles that has questions based on mathematical and logical skills.

Once shortlisted, you will be asked to attend an interview that is mostly conducted by the outlet manager.

Interviews are short for most entry level jobs and questions asked are based on your skills and previous work experiences. If selected, you will receive a communication within 2 weeks usually.


As per reviews and responses from employees, Burger King is an extremely felon friendly workplace with ample opportunities to grow. For a felon who is finding it difficult to secure a stable job, Burger King is an option worth considering.