Does ABM Industries hire Felons?

If you have experience working in skilled jobs like cleaning, electrical works, or landscape maintenance, you can consider working at ABM. ABM provides facility solutions across industries. But do they hire felons?

Does ABM Industries hire Felons?

Yes. ABM hires felons. ABM is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not turn down any applicant due to their criminal history. But, hiring decisions will be based on factors like the type of crime and how old the records are.

ABM Industries has not specified what is the hiring criteria for felons. However, there is no blanket ban on hiring felons. They have hired felons in the past and continue to do so.

Since they provide facility services to different industries like Aviation, Banking, Life Sciences, Commercial Office Buildings, etc., the hiring decision will also depend on the local laws regarding those industries.

There might be a higher level of clearances required for a person being hired to work inside an airport or a bank and felons might not get hired for those roles.

Generally, hiring decisions are influenced by these factors

Nature of the crime – Felons having serious or violent crimes on their record will find it difficult to get hired. Felons having minor non-violent records have a better chance of getting the job.

Time duration since the conviction – Felons having records older than 7-8 years have better odds of getting hired. If the felon has maintained a clean record after the release then it will go in their favor.

Does ABM Industries run background checks?

Yes. ABM Industries runs background checks before hiring any employee. Background checks include criminal records, previous employment records, identity verification, and credit reports. 

The background check process starts after the personal interview. By law, the employer is required to get the consent of the applicant before running a background check.

If the applicant refuses to give consent, the applicant can be disqualified from the hiring process.

ABM Industries is a facilities provider and employs staff across various industries. Certain industries have their background check requirements.

Industries that deal with sensitive information or those that handle public safety require employees with clean records as people working in facility services often have access to restricted areas.

As per the information available in the public domain, background checks for ABM Industries go back up to 7 years. Any record in the past 7 years that does not conform with their hiring policy can result in the applicant getting rejected.

ABM Industries does not ask about criminal history in their initial application form. However, they might ask about it at a later stage most probably during the personal interview. Usually, being honest about your records is the best option.

Any information you try to hide will most likely come out during background checks and it can lead to your disqualification. On the other hand, being honest and upfront gives you a chance to put forward your side of the story. It is a chance to assure the hiring managers that you are a changed person and you are trying hard to make a positive change in your life.

There is a good chance that they overlook minor offenses if you have a reasonable explanation. But, the same offense if not disclosed can create problems if it comes up in a background check report.

Does ABM Industries conduct drug tests?

ABM Industries conducts drug tests if the industry/property requires it. All new employees might not be required to take a drug test. Drug tests are usually conducted using a mouth swab or a urine sample.

How to get hired at ABM Industries with a felony?

ABM offers a range of service positions across the globe in the following industries: Aviation, Banking, Life Sciences, Commercial Office Buildings, and Real Estate, Education, Food and Beverage, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nuclear Power, Parking, Retail, Sports, Technology, Warehousing, and more.

ABM employs more than 140,000 skilled and hardworking people who deliver facilities services.

ABM provides employee benefits like Medical, Dental, Vision, Basic Life Insurance, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Paid Holidays, Sick & Bereavement Days, and more. ABM primarily offers hourly pay, with management positions earning salaries.

To work with ABM, you can start by visiting their job portal and find open positions near your location. You can apply online by filling up an application form. 

If shortlisted, you will be called for an interview. The nature of the interview depends on the role for which you have applied. Some roles do not have a formal interview but just an evaluation process.

Interview questions are usually based on skills and experience. They also ask situational questions like “how will you deal with an angry customer?”.

Final thoughts

ABM offers good pay that is on par with industry standards. Drivers and cleaners get paid $12-$19 per hour while parking managers get paid $50,000 to $80,000 per month.

ABM also has many entry-level jobs that don’t need any advanced degrees and anyone with an aptitude to work can get them.