Jobs for Felons in Georgia – List of companies that hire felons in GA

There are employers that provide second chance jobs to convicted felons. Although, the policies will differ across companies and state laws, it is possible to find a job that suits your skills.

However, not all felons will qualify for every job as it will depend on the type of felony offense and nature of the job position.

Your educational background and previous work experience will play an important role in securing a job.

Getting a job depends of a number of factors like your criminal records, credit reports and background checks, so apply for as many jobs as you qualify for, so that you have another options in case one of the employers turns you down.

Background Check Rules in Georgia

It is important to remember that many employers will run a pre-employment background check on candidates. How far a criminal background check can go varies from state to state.

In many states, records older than 7-10 years don’t show up, but in the state of Georgia, there is no limit how far back a background check can go.

States laws provide an option to expunge your records after certain period of time. In Georgia, under current laws, arrests that don’t lead to convictions and misdemeanor convictions for minors are the only crimes that can be expunged. Felony conviction records cannot be expunged no matter how much time has passed since the conviction.

You can find below a curated list of felon friendly jobs in Georgia State.

Staffing Agencies

Transportation Jobs

Retail Jobs

Labor Jobs

Please note that this list is not comprehensive, you should apply to all jobs that you qualify for.