Jobs for Felons in Arizona – List of companies that hire felons in AZ

As a convicted felon, you might have been rejected by some employers. But this does not mean that you can’t land a well-paying job if you have a felony on your record. There are many employers who are willing to offer a second chance to ex-felons.

Even with necessary skills, felons often end up doing entry level jobs. In most cases, it is because felons are unable to find employers that are felon friendly due to lack of information. It is not necessary to have a college degree to land a decent job. If you have any prior work experience or have acquired skills while in prison or after serving your time, it can open a lot of gates for you.

Background Check Rules in Arizona

It is important to remember that many employers will run a pre-employment background check on candidates. How far a criminal background check can go varies from state to state.

Arizona is a part of Ban the Box campaign for public sector jobs. It means that an employer will not ask for your criminal records on the job application. However, this does not apply to private employers.

In Arizona, under current laws, arrests that don’t lead to convictions can be set aside after a period of 7 years. But this depends on the nature of the offense.

Records that are set aside still appear on background checks with a note that the conviction has been set aside. This show that you have satisfied all the conditions of your probation and the court has vacated the conviction against you.

You can find below a curated list of felon friendly jobs in Arizona State.

Staffing Agencies

Transportation Jobs



Restaurant Jobs