Does Sprouts hire Felons?

If you are looking for a store or warehouse job in the retail sector then Sprouts Farmers Market might have some job opportunities for you. But do they hire felons?

Does Sprouts hire Felons?

Yes, Sprouts does hire felons for certain job roles but it depends on the type of felony charge and the nature of the role. Not all felons will get hired at Sprouts but those with non-violent records older than 7-8 years have a better chance of gaining employment.

Sprouts does not specify their hiring policy for felons on their website. Sprouts is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It does not ask for any information related to criminal records in the initial job application. This ensures that all candidates who qualify for the role get interviewed irrespective of their criminal backgrounds.

Although they have hired felons in the past, not all felons will get hired at sprouts. Each candidate is evaluated individually on the basis of merit as well as other factors like criminal record and hiring decision is made on the basis of the complete picture. 

Most companies do not hire people with a violent criminal history as it is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe environment to all employees and customers. Many employers get sued every year by employees for violence that happens at the place of employment.

So employers do not risk hiring a person with violent traits. Similarly, felons involved in crimes like theft, burglary, or shoplifting that display dishonest behavior are not preferred by employers especially for store and warehouse jobs. 

Does Sprouts run background checks?

Yes. Sprouts background checks all new employees. Background checks are initiated after the interview and they can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Typical background checks include criminal history, previous employment records, and educational records. If your role involves driving then driving records may also be verified.

Employers are required by law to get consent from applicants before running a background check on them. You will be asked to sign a consent form after the interview process.

Refusing to give consent for a background check can be a good enough reason to reject your application. Besides, refusing a background check raises suspicion about the authenticity of the information provided by you.

Does Sprouts conduct drug tests?

Yes. Drug tests are a part of the standard hiring process at Sprouts. Usually, a mouth swab or urine sample is collected to test for drugs. Failing a drug test can result in your employment offer getting canceled.

How to get hired at Sprouts with a felony?

Sprouts brings the very best parts of a real farmers market under one roof, open every day of the week. Sprouts grocery stores offer high-quality, farm-fresh produce, natural meats, plenty of scoop-your-own bulk goods, and much more in a fun, friendly, old-fashioned farmer’s market setting. Sprouts has more than 360 stores and over 35,000 team members. 

Sprouts provides employee benefits like Competitive pay, Sick time plan that you can use to support you or your immediate families health, Flexible schedules, 15% discount for employees, Affordable benefit coverage, including medical, dental vision and more.

To see what opportunities are available at your nearby Sprouts store, you can use the search tool on their career page. If you have already submitted an application for a specific position, your application is active until that position is filled. If you would like an update on your application, you contact the specific store directly.

For unopened locations, you can contact Sprouts HR Support Desk at 844-577-7688 and select option 2.

Sprouts also conduct hiring events at various locations. You can keep an eye on their hiring events page to find out any events nearby. You can directly walk into a hiring event with your updated resume and get hired for a suitable job opening.

Final Thoughts

Retail store jobs do not require advanced college degrees or extensive work experience. It can be done by anyone who is willing to work hard. If you are not able to get hired at a big company, you can consider working at store jobs. They provide flexible shifts that can help you make time to learn a new skill or to prepare for a better job.