Does Hertz hire Felons?

One of the biggest challenges that felons face after their release is finding a well-paying job. Most companies refrain from hiring people with records.

There are a number of obstacles that make the transition back to normal life very difficult but finding a good job can be a good start and solve most of the problems.

Thankfully there are many initiatives taken up by authorities to ensure that felons get a fair chance at jobs and don’t face discrimination in the hiring process.

Many organizations have proudly signed up for the cause and are a part of such movements.

If you have any prior experience working in the transportation service sector then The Hertz Corporation can be your next employer. But do they hire felons?

Does Hertz hire felons?

Hertz is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. It means that they believe in providing opportunities to people irrespective of their caste, religion, gender, race or color. They also provide employment to people with felony offenses depending on the nature and severity of the crime and the time duration passed since the felony took place.

Does Hertz hire people with DUI?

People with DUI will most likely get rejected by Hertz as they are a transportation company and won’t consider hiring people with driving offenses on their record.

Does Hertz run background checks?

Yes. Hertz conducts extensive background checks that can take 1 to 3 weeks to complete. Typically, background checks include criminal records, educational records, past employment records and driving records. They might also include credit reports. 

Hertz hires people with felony offenses and misdemeanors as long as they disclose it during the hiring process and it checks out with the background verification reports.

If the offenses are not severe and do not infringe the hiring policies then they should not create any obstacles in the hiring process. However, any undisclosed information that comes out in background checks can be a reasonable cause to refuse an employment offer.

So it is always advisable to be honest throughout the hiring process as it also helps build a trust factor with the hiring manager.

Does Hertz run drug tests?

Yes. Hertz runs a pre-hire drug test on all its new hires. The applicant will be asked to submit a urine sample at a local testing centre. It is usually a full 5 panel test. The applicant will be asked to produce a medical prescription for any prescription drug that might be found in the drug test report. A drug test report usually takes upto 2 days.

About Hertz

The Hertz Corporation is a global car rental company providing cars and other automotive services for the past 90 years.

They deal with car sales and services, truck and van services and provide vehicles on lease. Dollar and Thrifty are other car rental companies that are run by The Hertz Corporation.

Hiring process at Hertz

You can find open job positions at The Hertz Corporation  by visiting their career page. Some of the common job roles available at the Hertz are

  • Vehicle attendants – primary responsibility is to get the vehicle ready for customers to pick up.
  • Drivers – drive cars between locations to pick and drop customers.
  • Customer Service Representatives – interact with customers and help them with any queries or grievances they might have

You can directly apply for a suitable job opening for their career portal. Once selected, you will be scheduled for a telephonic interview with a manager.

If you clear the interview, they will ask you to complete the background check and drug test within 24 hours. If they are satisfied with the background and drug tests, you will be made a job offer.

The entire process can take 2-4 weeks depending on the role you are applying for.