Does Denny’s hire Felons?

Finding a job is a challenging task for a felon. Extensive background checks and tough hiring criteria make it difficult for felons to pass through. Thankfully, things have started to improve in recent times.

Many organizations have taken up the social responsibility of helping out felons integrate with the society and government policies like Ban-The-Box campaigns and fair chance pledge have made it a bit easier for felons.

If you have some experience working in the food industry then Denny’s can be your next employer but do they hire felons? Let’s find out

Does Denny’s hire felons?

Yes. Denny’s have hired felons in the past and continue to do so. However, there is no official hiring policy for felons and the hiring decision for felon depends totally on the general manager at the store location. 

Denny’s does not have an official policy about hiring felons. They even don’t have any special programs for felons. The hiring decision is completely in the hands of the general manager at the store location and is done on a case by case basis.

It has been found that store managers are usually ready to give opportunity to felons if they qualify for the job and meet certain hiring criteria. 

Some factors that can impact your hiring process are

Nature of your offense – felons convicted for violent offenses like assault, burglary or arson might find it difficult to get hired 

Repeat offenders – Felons with multiple convictions also have a lower chance of getting hired. 

Time duration since the conviction – If the felony conviction is 8 to 10 years old and you have a clean record since your release then your records then you have a better chance.

Does Denny’s run background checks?

Yes. Background check is a part of the standard hiring process at Denny’s. All applicants have to give consent for background check during the hiring process. Refusing a background check can cost you the job opportunity. 

Typically, background checks include criminal history, educational records, previous emolument records, credit reports and driving records.

How far a background check can go depends on the state in which you are applying for the job. In some states, background checks go as far as 7 years while in some other states it can pull out all the available information. 

It is advisable to be honest and upfront about your criminal records. If any undisclosed information comes up in a background check then it can disqualify your application.

Also, being upfront about your past gives you an opportunity to put forward your side of the story and assure the hiring manager that you are an honest individual who can be relied upon. 

You can also run a background check on yourself to find out what information will be visible in the reports. This will help you prepare for the interview.

Does Denny’s conduct drug tests?

Denny’s conducts drug tests for higher level employees like managers and supervisors but not for entry level jobs. But hiring rules keep changing regularly, so it is better to be prepared. 

Also, Denny’s is a diner chain that serves alcohol so people with alcoholism issues can find it difficult to get hired for certain roles.

How to get hired at Denny’s with a Felony record?

Denny’s is a diner chain that operates at over 1700 locations in the U.S. They provide benefits like health and dental insurance, discount coupons, paid leaves and leadership programs for employees to improve their skills.

Many felons prefer working at Denny’s as it is open 24 hours at most locations and has flexible shifts. This helps felons to choose shifts that help them make time for completing their education or learning a new skill. 

To work at Denny’s, you have to fill out an application form and submit your resume. Past experience is important for some roles like food preparation or bartender. Make sure to highlight any past experience related to the food industry that you have. 

Once shortlisted, you will be called for an interview with the store manager.

Background checks usually happen after the interview so make sure you honestly answer the questions asked during the interview. If selected, you will receive a confirmation in a week but it can get delayed in some cases.

Final Thoughts

Felony conviction changes a person’s life to a great extent. Felons lose their voting rights in many states, they find it difficult to get a decent apartment in a good neighborhood but the toughest of all challenges is finding a job.

Many companies have strict policies against hiring felons and many others have extensive background checks that leave most felons ineligible. It is important for a felon to apply for as many jobs as possible and not miss out on any opportunity.