Does Aimbridge Hospitality hire Felons?

If you have some experience working in the hospitality industry or if you are interested to work at a place where you get to interact with people and help them out then Aimbridge Hospitality might have job vacancies that might interest you. But do they hire felons? Let’s find out

Does Aimbridge Hospitality hire Felons?

Yes. Aimbridge Hospitality hires felons who were not involved in violent or serious crimes. Hiring decisions are made on a case-by-case basis by evaluating the applicant’s job skills as well as criminal records.

Aimbridge Hospitality is an Equal Opportunity Employer. They do not ask questions related to criminal history in their initial job application so that every applicant gets a fair and unbiased chance at the hiring process.

However, they might ask about criminal records at a later stage. 

Aimbridge Hospitality does not have an official hiring policy for felons on its website. They do not have any special programs for hiring people with criminal records.

However, based on the feedback and testimonies from ex-employees, we find that Aimbridge Hospitality has hired felons with minor non-violent offenses in the past and continues to do so.

Companies working in the hospitality industry are very careful when it comes to their image and reputation. Positive feedback from their guests is what drives their business.

They want their employees to give the best service to guests. Just one undesirable incident can spoil the goodwill that has been created in years.

So they are understandably reluctant in hiring people with violent backgrounds and maintaining the safety and well-being of their guests as well as other employees is their responsibility. 

Also, felons involved in crimes that show dishonest behavior like shoplifting and carjacking might not be hired as the employees have access to guest’s valuable personal belongings.

Does Aimbridge Hospitality run background checks?

Yes. Aimbridge Hospitality conducts background checks on all its new hires. Background checks usually include criminal records, identity and address verification, previous employment records, and driving records for jobs that require driving. 

Aimbridge Hospitality does not ask about criminal records in their initial application form but they can ask about it during the interview. It is advisable to be honest about your criminal record if you get an opportunity to speak about it.

Any information that you try to hide will most likely come up in the background checks reports. So it is better to be upfront about it as it will give you a chance to put forward your side of the story.

Highlight how you have worked hard to turn your life around and how you are willing to lead a positive life ahead. Since they have hired felons with minor offenses in the past, you have a better chance of getting hired by being honest.

Depending on the state in which you have applied for the job, background checks can vary. Most states require background checks to have 7 to 10 years of past records but in some states, all the available information is added.

Some states also add non-guilty records and arrest records even if the final verdict was not guilty. Most people have reported that Aimbridge Hospitality considers records for the past 7 years but it is not confirmed by any official sources.

Does Aimbridge Hospitality conduct drug tests?

Aimbridge Hospitality does not conduct drug tests. However, hiring policies keep changing frequently, so it is always better to be prepared.

How to get hired at Aimbridge Hospitality with a criminal record?

Aimbridge Hospitality is a  third-party hotel management company that represents over 1,550 hotels in 49 states and 22 countries, from top international lodging brands to luxury hotels, destination resorts, and lifestyle hotels.

They offer both part-time and full-time roles in different roles like operations, housekeeping, engineering and maintenance, parking attendants, etc.

Aimbridge Hospitality provides benefits like short-term and long-term disability income, medical, dental, and vision coverage, term life, insurance,  paid time off, employee assistance program, and 401k retirement plan.

To work at Aimbridge, you can visit their career portal and find open job vacancies near your location. You can directly apply by submitting an updated resume and filling in some details.

You can also apply through job portals and social media. If your profile is selected, you will be called for a personal interview. The questions are based on the role for which you have applied and they ask you questions about how you will handle certain situations.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality industry has a lot of entry-level jobs that do not require any advanced degrees. Basically, anyone with an aptitude to work can do the job. For felons trying to make a new start, this can be a perfect opportunity, to begin with.

If you were convicted for minor offenses and your records are older than 7-8 years then you have a good chance of getting hired at Aimbridge Hospitality.