Can Felon travel to Cancun?

Everyone needs a break from their busy schedule. Taking a vacation is a good way to relieve stress and rejuvenate. It also helps you spend some quality time with family and friends.

Cancun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico with around 4 Million visitors every year. With its beautiful white-sand beaches and coral reefs, it is a tourist’s paradise.

If you are a felon and plan to vacation in Cancun, there might be certain aspects of international traveling you must be aware of. Not all countries accept people who have criminal records even for short stays.

Thankfully, Mexico is a bit more considerate towards felons and allows them to visit especially for short duration stays

Reasons to visit Cancun

Cancun is known for its white-sand beaches. Most resorts in Cancun provide direct access to these beaches. Cancun also has historical significance and has numerous archeological sites with ruins of Mayan architecture and tombs from the Mayan era.

Cancun also has a Mayan museum that is quite popular. There is also an underwater museum that is a delight for explorers. Rich marine life also provides a lot of fun swimming experiences around Dolphins, Sea Horses, and Clown Fishes.

Cancun also has an ecological park known as Kasbah Ecological Park.

Can a felon travel to Cancun?

Yes. Felons can travel to Cancun as long as they have a valid passport and necessary travel documents. The process to obtain a visa or a travel permit may include background verification.

It is advisable to visit the Mexican consulate in the U.S. before traveling to Cancun to understand the rules you have to follow while entering and staying in Mexico.

Many governments share their criminal databases with other ally nations for tracking parole violators and absconders. So it is always better to follow procedures and obtain necessary clearances before you start your journey.

You can be turned away from the borders if you don’t have the required documents and this will ruin your entire vacation.

Traveling by Road or Cruise to Cancun

Mexico has immigration checkpoints set up along the roads where you may be asked to present your travel documents. You should be having a valid passport to get an entry permit.

Even if your documents are not checked by the security personnel, they will be required for various other purposes during your stay.

You do not need a passport while traveling on a closed-loop cruise. A closed-loop cruise is one that originates and terminates at a U.S. port without making any halts in Mexico. If your cruise halts at a Mexican port then the authorities can ask you for travel documents.

Can you travel to Cancun with DUI?

There are no concrete rules regarding the entry of people with DUI cases into Mexico. People have had varied experiences and it largely depends on the immigration officer handling the case.

People with minor driving offenses might probably get it without any trouble but those with felony DUI convictions might be denied entry.

Rather than traveling with such uncertainties, it is better to visit the Mexican Consulate in the U.S and get necessary clarification before you begin your travel.

Can you travel to Cancun if you are on Parole or Probation?

People who are on Parole or Probation are not allowed to travel outside the U.S. Parole or Probation terms usually include community service or mandatory counseling lessons. Felons also need to check in with a parole officer periodically.

People with arrest warrants against them are also not allowed to travel outside the country.

Things to remember while traveling to Cancun as a felon

  • Get all necessary permits and travel documents before you leave for your vacation. Make hotel and other booking only after you are sure you can make the trip.
  • Follow local laws and rules set for international visitors. Something that might not be a crime in the U.S. might be in some other country. If in doubt, ask local people before doing anything. Usually, local people are friendly and don’t mind helping out outsiders.
  • Never get into legal trouble on foreign land. Don’t get into fights or arguments or visit places that are restricted for travelers. Always remember that any crime committed on a foreign land has more serious repercussions.
  • Do not carry any restricted items like certain fruits and animal products, narcotic substances, etc. while traveling to or traveling back from Mexico.