Does Shipt hire felons?

Yes. Shipt has hired people with felony records in the past. It does not mean that Shipt is open to hiring any person with a felony but the hiring decision depends on many other factors

  • Nature of the offense – Felons involved in violent crimes and facing charges like theft and assault will most likely not get hired at Shipt.
  • Time duration since the offense – If the records are older than 7 to 10 years then it should not create a problem. 
  • Type of role – A felon is more likely to get hired for non-sensitive roles like shoppers compared to office roles like accountants and sales executives.

Does Shipt run Background checks?

Shipt runs background checks on all potential employees. Background checks usually happen after the interview.

As per the state laws, an employer has to explicitly take consent from the applicant before conducting a background check. If you refuse to consent for a background check then it can be a cause for denying employment. 

The application process at Shipt is different for Shoppers and Corporate roles.

To become a Shopper – You have to submit interest on their online portal. If selected, you will be asked to attend a virtual interview and give consent for a background check. If your details check out correctly you can start working as a Shopper.

To apply for corporate roles – The hiring process for a corporate role is much more extensive and might include multiple rounds of interviews at different levels. You will also have to undergo background checks before getting hired.

It is always a good practice to come clean about your past records while applying for a job. Providing false information while applying for a job amounts to fraud and can have consequences.

Besides, talking about your felony gives you a chance to present your part and explain the circumstances which lead to the mistake.

It also provides you an opportunity to highlight other positive work you have done and this might probably show the hiring manager that you are reformed and are willing to put effort to make a good life.

Highlight any past work experiences or community work you have done after being released from prison.

About Shipt

Shipt is a U.S.-based company that was founded in 2014. Shipt provides on-demand grocery delivery to users across major cities in the U.S. Shipt works on the idea of buying any item from the store on your behalf and getting it delivered on the same day for a small convenience fee.

Grocery shopping is a chore that everyone does not like. Making time for grocery shopping is difficult in a fast-paced life.

For someone who is willing to pay a little extra for convenience, Shift will connect them to shoppers who will collect items in their shopping list and have them delivered on the same day.

Job Roles at Shipt

Shopper – A shopper is a person who collects and delivers items for customers. To become a shopper, you need a valid driving license and physical strength to carry groceries. This role is most suitable for felons who do not have advanced degrees and want to get an entry-level job.

Customer Care Executives – They are responsible for answering customer queries and coordinating with shoppers by assisting them in their tasks. They are also responsible for collecting feedback and provide guidance wherever necessary. A felon who has basic education and good people skills can consider this role.

Corporate roles – These include regular office roles like sales and marketing, finance, legal and technical roles like application developers, data engineers, etc. Felons will most likely not be considered for such roles but if you have the skills then there is no harm in trying your luck since a lot depends on the hiring manager as well and also on your ability to impress them.


There are some actions you can take to increase your job prospects. In some states, you can get your records expunged after a period of 8 to 10 years. Such records do not show up in background checks and can boost your chances of getting a job. You can consult a lawyer to understand the process if this is an option for you.