Does Sally Beauty hire Felons?

If you have the skills to work in a beauty store then Sally Beauty might have some job vacancies that can be suitable for you. But, do they hire balance? Let’s find out

Does Sally Beauty hire Felons?

Yes. Sally Beauty has hired felons for certain job roles in the past. Conviction of a crime will not necessarily disqualify a felon but it depends on the type of charge and how it relates to the job in question.

Sally Beauty does not have an official hiring policy for employing people with criminal  backgrounds. Sally beauty runs on a franchising business model where every store owner takes care of the day-to-day operations including hiring employees at that location.

The hiring decision is made by the store owner or the hiring manager at the store depending on the local laws and other factors that may be unique to that location.

Does Sally Beauty run background checks?

Yes. Background checks are a part of the standard hiring process at Sally Beauty. All applicants are required to provide consent for a background check while filling up the application form.

Typically, background checks include criminal history, educational and previous employment records, credit reports, and driving records if the job role involves driving.

Sally Beauty’s job application form requires the applicant to mention if they have criminal charges on their record in the period of the last 7 years. However, which charges need to be disclosed depends on the state in which you have applied for the job.

Connecticut –  Applicants are not required to disclose the existence of any arrest, criminal charge, or conviction, the record of which has been erased pursuant to Connecticut General Statute section 46b-146, 57-76o or 54-142a.

Massachusetts – An applicant for employment need not disclose a first conviction for the following misdemeanors: drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, or affray of disturbance of the peace. 

California – Do not include convictions under California Health and Safety Code Sections 11357(a) or (b), 11360(c), 11364, 11365, or 11550 related to marijuana which occurred two or more years before this application.

Pennsylvania – Applicants are not required to disclose misdemeanor convictions.

Washington – Applicants are only required to disclose convictions if the conviction or release from incarceration resulting from the conviction occurred in the last seven years.

Illinois – Applicants are not obligated to disclose sealed or expunged records of conviction or arrest.

Georgia – Applicants are not required to disclose information pertaining to any “first offender discharge.”

Hawaii – Applicants need to answer this question only when they receive a conditional employment offer.

For most other states and regions, the applicant has to disclose any criminal charges in the past 7 years. You can always check if there are any recent changes made in the local laws before you fill in a job application.

Does Sally Beauty conduct drug tests?

Yes. All applicants have to take a post-offer medical examination that includes alcohol and drug test. 

How to get hired at Sally Beauty with a felony on record?

Sally Beauty Holdings is the world’s largest wholesale and retail distributor of beauty supplies. They have over 2,000 company-owned stores nationwide.

Sally sells to both consumer and professional customers—including hairstylists and hair, nail, and skin salon owners—from the same location.

Retail customers like buying from the same place as beauty professionals, and are intensely loyal to Sally. Every Sally store carries more than 5,000 professional salon products for hair, nails, and skin, plus the latest in beauty trends and accessories.

There are also complete ethnic offerings in every store and expanded ethnic sections in appropriate areas. U.S. distribution is handled by a highly sophisticated replenishment system from three distribution centers in Florida, Ohio, and Nevada.

Sally Beauty offers a benefits package that includes Medical / Dental / Vision / Life / Disability Insurance, paid vacation, sick time, and holidays, merchandise discounts, tuition reimbursement, profit-sharing, and 401(k) with company match.

To work at Sally Beauty, you can start by applying for suitable job openings on their careers page or you can directly visit the nearest store during off-peak hours and talk to the manager. Certain job roles need experienced professionals but there are entry-level jobs also.

Personal interviews are usually conducted by the store manager and questions are based on past experience. They might also ask your situational questions like “How will you handle a rude customer”

Final Thoughts

Based on the responses from ex-employees on public forums, we feel that the chances of getting hired at Sally Beauty with a criminal record are very low. However, the hiring decision is totally in the hands of the store manager and you may have a chance if you can convince them.