Does King Soopers hire Felons?

In recent times, many organizations have realized the need to take up the social responsibility of providing second chances to felons and support their integration back to society.

A felon who has past experience working at a departmental store or any related field can apply at King Soopers if there is a suitable job opening. Let’s find out if they hire felons.

Does King Soopers hire felons?

King Soopers is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Any person can fill out an application form for a suitable opening irrespective of their criminal background.

No applicants get disqualified on the basis of their criminal records if they meet certain minimum requirements and possess the right skills to take up the role they are applying for.

There are a number of factors that can play a major role in your hiring process.

The nature of your felony, the time elapsed since your conviction, your track record after your release, work experience before and after your conviction, and the nature of the job you have applied for are all contributing factors.

The hiring of felons is handled on a case-to-case basis and there are no general criteria for felons to get hired.

Does King Soopers run background checks?

Yes. King Soopers runs background checks on all its new hires. They will initiate the background check after the interview process is completed and it can take upto a week or two for the results to come back.

You might be asked to join and start working if you are selected but if there are major inconsistencies between the information provided on the application form and the background check results, it can lead to termination of employment.

It is advisable to be as honest as you can while filling out the application form and during the interview.

Any undisclosed information that comes up in a background check will disqualify you and can be considered fraud in some cases.

Does King Soopers run drug tests?

No. King Soopers does not conduct a drug test during the hiring process. But, rules and policies keep changing regularly, so it is always better to be prepared to take one.

How to get hired at King Soopers with a felony record?

King Soopers is Colorado’s largest, full-service retail grocery chain. Today, they are a  part of The Kroger Co. King Soopers associates work in a fast-paced environment that demands friendly, hardworking people who are committed to placing the needs of customers first.

King Soopers provides employee benefits like retirement plans, health care, associate discounts, discounts on fitness, travel, cell phones, and many other items.

To apply at King Soopers, you can visit their career portal and view all open job vacancies. Jobs can be filtered by location so you can find jobs closest to your location.

You can view details about the job opening and directly apply online by filling in basic details and attaching your resume. If you have a friend or family member working at King Soopers, you can also ask them to refer you.

The interview is just basic questions about yourself and why you want to work at King Soopers.

They might also ask some situational questions like “How will you handle the situation if a customer….”. Overall, the interview is short and the hiring process is fast-paced.

Final Thoughts

Felons often have a hard time finding a good job after their release. A well-paying job is essential to pay rent, pay for utilities, and family expenditure.

Most companies hire people with a clean record and those that hire felons have extensive background checks which make it difficult for felons. So it is essential for a person with criminal records to try every available opportunity.