Does Kelly Services hire felons – Felon Friendly Jobs

Kelly Services is one of the largest staffing company that provides temporary and permanent employments in various fields like engineering, science and technology, government solutions and industrial operations and education.

If you are a felon and looking for a job then there can be multiple opportunities you can find at Kelly Services depending on your skill sets and educational background.

Kelly Services does not have a clear policy about hiring felons, based on our research and data available on the internet, they have hired felons in the past.

They mention that every case is treated individually based on the severity of the felony and various other regulations put by law enforcement agencies with respect to different industries. So, it’s not a blanket yes/no situation but they do hire felons sometimes.

What factors play an important role in getting a job at Kelly Services?

Some of the factors that influence the hiring decisions are as follows:

Type of crime – The chance of getting hired is greater if the felony charge is minor and not something like murder or robbery.

Time duration since the crime – Usually people who committed a felony offence 5-10 years ago are considered safer to hire as the chances of them committing the felony again is same as of any other person.

One-time offenders – One-time offenders have a greater chance of getting hired compared to repeated offenders.

What skills do I need to work at Kelly Services?

Its difficult to say what kind of jobs are provided by Kelly Services since they are a staffing company.

According to their website, Kelly Services works with more than 50,000 staffing managers around the world. The good news is that no matter what skills you possess, you might always find a job that suits you.

As a general rule, it is always good to brush up your skills if you are looking for a job based on your educational qualifications. You may also drop any prison slang you may have picked up during your time in the prison.

Some of the common job opportunities at Kelly Services are:

Warehouse Jobs: Working at warehouse involves sending and receiving packages, sorting and organizing them and also moving goods.

Cashier/Receptionist: The job involves making and receiving calls, organizing calendars, taking messages, screening calls and managing the cash registers.

Machine operators: Most common work includes operating machinery like forklifts and cranes and driving trucks

Office Assistants: Secretarial jobs like handling calendars and organizing meetings are typical jobs done by office assistants.


Temporary/Permanent Staffing

Ban The Box

Not a part of Ban-The-Box campaign

Training Program

No special training programs for felons

Probability of finding a Job

Average to High

Does Kelly Services do a background check?

Kelly Services is not a part of ban-the-box campaign and they do ask past felony records.

As per the law, the employer needs to take consent from the candidates before conducting background checks. Denying background checks can become a reason for rejecting the application as it will make you look suspicious.

What information is revealed in the background check depends on local laws and differs from state to state. In some states even non-guilty charges are shown up in background checks while in some other states they don’t.

Additionally, background checks also include the following

  • Educational records
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Criminal history
  • Employment history

What is the Interview process at Kelly Services?

An excellent Resume will be the first step to apply at Kelly Services. You can start with some research on their official website to find current job openings and check which job suits your skills the best.

Draft a resume according to the job you are applying for and highlight any training or work experience that might be relevant.

Once the resume is screened and selected, you will be called for a face to face interview. It is always best to be honest during the interview.

Don’t be afraid to speak about your conviction but make sure to project yourself as a better person now. Mention any community work you have undertaken and tell them how you have paid your debt back to the society. Talk passionately and stay positive.

Keep the following things in mind while appearing for the interview

  • Reach the venue at least 10-15 mins before the scheduled time. It’s a good opportunity to shows your enthusiasm and your willingness to put extra effort.
  • Dress up neatly and keep good personal hygiene.
  • Get rid of any tattoos or piercings that can make you look unpleasant.
  • Keep a resume with personal and contact details handy.
  • Be optimistic and let the confidence show in your body language. Be polite and patient while answering questions.
  • Try to be honest and respectful towards the interviewers.
  • Don’t put too many conditions be ready to work in shifts. Your willingness to adjust will increase your chances of getting hired.

Find job openings

You can find job opening at Kelly Services by visiting their job portal given below.