Does Harbor Freight hire Felons?

Retail stores offer many entry level jobs that felons can apply for. These jobs don’t need an advanced college degree or an extensive work experience but anyone with an aptitude to work can get hired.

If you have some knowledge about handling tools and you enjoy working in a store and helping out people find the right products then Harbor Freight can be your next workplace. But do they hire felons?

Does Harbor Freight hire felons?

The answer is yes. Harbor freight hires felons for certain job roles and they encourage everyone to apply and go through the application process and get interviewed by their team. If your charge is not serious and you have the required skills then there is a good chance that you will get hired.

Harbor Freight is a felon friendly employer. They provide second chances to felons if the necessary skill requirements are met.

They are not a part of the Ban-the-Box campaign or Fair Chance Business pledge and they ask questions related to criminal history in their initial application form.

However, no applicant is disqualified solely on the basis of their criminal records. They prefer getting the applicants through the hiring process and discuss the criminal background during the interview process before making the decision.

It is advisable to be honest about your criminal history while filing the application form. You have a better chance of getting hired by being upfront about your past.

Any information that you try to hide will most likely come out in the background checks and it can result in you getting disqualified from the hiring process.

If asked about your criminal records during the interview, be honest and explain the circumstances in which you made a mistake. Assure them that you have learnt from the mistake and you have turned around your life after getting released.

Highlight any work experience you have and any social causes you have been a part of. This shows your willingness to change and have a better life ahead.

Does Harbor Freight run background checks?

Harbor freight runs background checks as a part of their standard hiring process. Background checks typically include criminal history, education and work records, credit records and in some cases driving records also.

Ensure that you fill in the application form honestly. If there is any discrepancy between the details provided in the application and the background check results, it can result in termination or cancellation of the employment offer.

Employers are required to get consent from employees before running a background check. You will be asked to sign a consent letter during the interview. Refusing to give consent can be a good enough reason to deny employment.

Also, refusing a background check raises suspicion about the authenticity of the information you have provided on the application form.

Background checks are now a standard practice while hiring employees. Employers find themselves in a tricky situation while hiring felons.

Not conducting background checks can be considered as negligence while rejecting an applicant on the basis on their criminal records can amount to discrimination.

So they conduct background checks but provide the employee a chance to explain the situation and convince them

Does Harbor Freight run drug tests?

Harbor Freight conducts drug tests at some locations where it is mandated by the local and federal laws. Mouth swab or urine test is done to test for drugs. Also, employees can be drug tested if they are involved in any accident at the workplace.

How to get hired at Harbor Freight with a criminal record?

Harbor Freight is a hardware and tools store chain that provides everything from hand tools and generators, to air and power tools, from shop equipment to automotive tools, Harbor Freight offers more than 7,000 tools and accessories.

They have over 1100+ Stores Nationwide and also run their own testing labs and manufacturing plants. More than 23,000 associates work with Harbor Freight.

Harbor Freight provides employees with benefits like medical/dental/vision insurance, life & disability insurance, flexible schedules, paid vacations and discount coupons.

You can view job posting by Harbor Freight on their interactive map. You can filter jobs by skill types and directly apply online. Interview process depends on the position for which you have applied.

Mostly they ask typical interview questions like “What are your strengths/ flaws?”, “Are you a team player?”. They also ask a few questions about your work experience and problem solving skills.