Does Dunkin donuts hire felons?

Felons often are unsure where to start their life after their release. Finding a stable job is important but it is one of the most challenging things to do.

The food industry has been more open in hiring felons and giving them second chances. 

If you have some experience working in the food or hospitality industry then Dunkin Donuts can be an ideal place to work. But do they hire felons? let’s find out

Does Dunkin Donuts hire felons?

Yes. Dunkin Donuts hires felons if they meet the necessary hiring criteria. Since it is a franchise-based system, the store owner makes hiring decisions. So every felon might not get hired at every location. 

Dunkin Donuts does not have an official hiring policy regarding felons. Although they mention they are an Equal Opportunity Employer, we are not sure if the same courtesy is extended to felons.

However, from the testimonies of former employees, we have found that they have hired felons in the past. 

Dunkin Donuts operates on a franchise system. Each store is owned by individuals and they run the show. Hiring policies are made by store owners based on local and state laws.

It has been found that most store owners are willing to provide second chances to felons who have been convicted for minor non-violent offenses.

Local people have better chances since the feeling of belonging to a community can have an influence. 

Some factors that can impact the hiring decisions are

Nature of the offense – Felons convicted of serious and violent offenses might not be the preferred choice of employees.

Time duration since the offense – Felons who have records older than 8-10 years and have maintained a clean record since their release have much higher chances of getting hired. Having some work experience in the relevant field improved the odds further. 

Nature of the role – If the offense is such that it can impact the person’s ability to perform the job then they might not get hired. Like people will DUI on their record may not be considered for roles that involve driving. 

Dunkin Donuts is not a part of the Ban-The-Box campaign or the Fair Chance Business Pledge. Companies that support these initiatives do not include questions related to criminal offenses on their initial application forms.

However, it is not necessary for a company to support these initiatives to hire felons. Dunkin Donuts has hired felons in the past even though it is not a part of these initiatives.

Does Dunkin Donuts run background checks?

Background checks are not done by all Dunkin Donuts outlets. It depends on the store manager and the local laws. Some states make it mandatory to conduct background checks while hiring while some don’t. 

Typically background checks reports include criminal history, driving records, and credit reports. However, the period for which these details will be fetched varies from state to state.

Most states include details for the past 7 years but in some states, all the available records are fetched. 

In case you have some older records that can impact your hiring, you can run a background check on yourself to find out what exactly will show in your background check report.

Does Dunkin Donuts run drug tests?

Dunkin Donuts conducts drug tests before hiring in some locations. In states like Florida, alcohol tests are also done. 

How to get hired at Dunkin Donuts with a felony?

Dunkin Donuts is one of the leading baked goods and coffee chains that serves more than 3 million customers worldwide. They have over 8,500 restaurants in 41 states across the U.S.A. and over 3,200 international restaurants across 36 countries!

Some of the benefits of working at Dunkin Donuts are flexible hours, paid time offs, bonuses, training and development opportunities, and more. 

Job roles available at Dunkin’ Donuts are 

Crew Member

Crew Members are generally responsible for delivering great and friendly guest experiences. They prepare products according to operational and quality standards and serve them with enthusiasm in a clean, fast-paced environment. They work as part of a team to meet guests’ needs and give them a reason to come back. 

Shift Leader

Shift Leaders are generally responsible for coaching Crew Members throughout their shift to execute operational Brand standards and deliver a great and friendly guest experience. They typically set goals, provide job assignments, and motivate others.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Restaurant Managers generally support a Restaurant Manager in their efforts to develop a team of dedicated people delivering great and friendly guest experiences and profitable top-line sales. They typically assist in the development of Crew and Shift Leaders and fulfill accountabilities assigned by the Restaurant Manager.

If you wish to work at Dunkin Donuts, you can start by visiting their careers page. You can find job vacancies near your location along with the constant details of the outlet.

You can directly contact the outlet and ask for an appointment. Always carry an updated resume when you walk in for a job interview. Highlight all experience that is relevant to the role you are applying for.